The long-term forecast for February 23rd 2019 is below-zero temperatures with a chance of snow. Your safety as a participant is very important to us. Please remember:

  • Cars have metal and glass, which conduct the cold
  • The heat in the church is turned off at night, and the floors are concrete covered in carpet

Here is checklist of items you might want to have on hand, whether you are sleeping in your car or in the church:

  • Insulated sleeping mat – to protect from the cold and provide some comfort
  • Sleeping bag or lots of blankets – or both
  • Pillow
  • A toque – we have Raising the Roof toques for $15, while supplies last!
  • Prescriptions / Medications
  • Warm pajamas or sweats to sleep in
  • Change of clothes – if you get wet, you will not get warm
  • Toothbrush, tooth paste, deodorant
  • Comb, Hair brush, Personal Items
  • Ear plugs – especially if you are sleeping in a common area, like the church (some of us snore!)
  • Disposable hand-warmers – these come in various sizes
  • Flashlight
  • Phone charger – you will be taking a lot of pictures!
  • Reading material for bedtime
  • Headphones, if you want to listen to music at bedtime
  • Insulated water bottle – sipping hot water during the night can help you warm up
  • Camera (if you don’t have a smartphone)
  • Special dietary requirements

A few words of caution:

  • Please don’t run your car’s engine all night – it is disturbing to our neighbours and bad for the environment
  • Fuel-based hand warmers can create carbon monoxide, which can be poisonous in confined spaces
  • A flashlight can help give comfort in the middle of the night, if you wake up disturbed or anxious
  • It is never too late – sleeping in your car is not for everyone, so feel free to move into the church if this isn’t working for you

Some last suggestions:

  • Take lots of pictures and share them on Facebook, Twitter, etc – those who supported you would love to go through the experience with you – and maybe they will join you next year!
  • Record video to share, or go “Facebook Live” through the evening – your supporters are right there with you!
  • When posting on social media, use the tag #LLNOH2019
  • Ask friends and family to follow The Long, Long Night of Hope on Facebook and/or Twitter, as we will posting from the event!