The Final Tally for 2019

It takes time for all the funds to trickle in. There is always a waiting period. We had The Long, Long Night of Hope event on Feb 23, when participants slept in their cars or on the floor of the church to raise awareness of every day life for hundreds of homeless people in our area. Participants continued accepting donations until March 15, both in person and online. Then we have to wait for everyone to hand in their funds, and for our online platform hosts to process the donations, deduct processing fees and send the balance.

All the counting is done now, and we are so happy to announce our final donation total: $20,000!

The presentation of the big cheque will be done during the Sunday worship service at St. John’s Anglican Church on May 26th, 2019. All are welcome to join us for that service, starting at 10:00 am. Prior to that service, the cheque will make its way to St. Clements and St. Catherine’s churches, to ensure all who were involved with The Long, Long Night of Hope have a chance to lay hands and blessings on the donation. Details are still being worked out for that.

Thank you to everyone who supported The Long, Long Night of Hope 2019, from the participants to the donors to those who kept us in their prayers. Thanks so much to Capilano Suspension Bridge for the donation of passes, which were awarded to two of our hard working volunteers. And huge thanks to Jak’s Liquor store in Coquitlam, for collecting donations and matching them!

Stay tuned for The Long, Long Night of Hope 2020! Planning is not that far away! We would love to have you join us!