A Handful of Days

Just a handful of days left until The Long, Long Night of Hope 2019. That does not seem like much, unless you give it some context.

A handful of days without food could lead to a critical illness.

A handful of days not working can mean no money to pay the rent.

A handful of days on antibiotics can eliminate a deadly infection.

A handful of days of healthy nourishment can save a life.

Over the next handful of days, participants of The Long, Long Night of Hope will be actively raising funds while they make plans to sleep in their car, or on a hard pew in the church, on Saturday February 23. The experience will give them a tiny taste of what life is like every day for hundreds of homeless people around the Lower Mainland. More importantly, the money raised will go to The Lookout Housing and Health Society’s shelter in North Vancouver, who care for our most vulnerable sisters and brothers.

A lot can be done in a handful of days. You can still register, raise funds and join us. Homelessness is not Hopelessness. Be the Hope.