It’s Not Over Yet!

The Long, Long Night of Hope 2019 was Saturday February 23, with more than 15 people sleeping either in their cars or on the floor of the St. John’s Anglican Church. They did this to raise awareness and understanding of the growing homelessness crisis in our community, where a growing number of working or pensioned individuals are living in their vehicles.

At the time of this post, our total is sitting at $18,035.00, with more donations coming in daily. The participants are incredibly humbled by your support, and the Lookout Society is already making plans to use that money to support the vulnerable and marginalized members of our community.

It is not too late to help! Donations can be made up to March 15, 2019. The participants have done their work – now we need you to do yours. Donate today at

Homelessness is not Hopelessness. Be the Hope.

The Big Night is Here!

It is officially The Long, Long Night of Hope 2019!

Participants have gathered and are getting ready to settle in for the night. Donations are being tallied.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! Participants are accepting donations up until March 15, so it is not too late!

Thank you to our participants, ranging in age from Keira (8) and Lena (9) to Jean (a little older than that!). You are all proving you ARE the Hope for the future!

Christie Smith wrote and performed an original song, The Long, Long Night of Hope, with vocals by Donna Lawrence, Leeann Price and Yasmine Bia. We posted a partial recording of it on our Facebook page – hope you like it!

A Handful of Days

Just a handful of days left until The Long, Long Night of Hope 2019. That does not seem like much, unless you give it some context.

A handful of days without food could lead to a critical illness.

A handful of days not working can mean no money to pay the rent.

A handful of days on antibiotics can eliminate a deadly infection.

A handful of days of healthy nourishment can save a life.

Over the next handful of days, participants of The Long, Long Night of Hope will be actively raising funds while they make plans to sleep in their car, or on a hard pew in the church, on Saturday February 23. The experience will give them a tiny taste of what life is like every day for hundreds of homeless people around the Lower Mainland. More importantly, the money raised will go to The Lookout Housing and Health Society’s shelter in North Vancouver, who care for our most vulnerable sisters and brothers.

A lot can be done in a handful of days. You can still register, raise funds and join us. Homelessness is not Hopelessness. Be the Hope.

Ten Days and Counting!

There are 10 days to go until the big night, The Long, Long Night of Hope. It seems a short time, but there is still so much time to do so much more!

It is never too late to join us! We have had participants register on the last day, raising a few hundred dollars when they shared their fundraising page with friends and family. There is no minimum amount to raise, and every amount helps! You will feel so good, knowing you have done something to help people whose need is so great!

By the way, The Long, Long Night of Hope is a perfect fundraiser for our youth, the social justice warriors in our community. Create a team of young people and watch what they can do!

Participants please note: a new page has been added to this site: The Participant LLNOH Checklist. Make sure you check it out while you are getting ready for the big night!

How YOU Can Help!

Participants are sharing their fundraising pages and making plans to sleep out in their cars in this frigid weather. There is still time to sign up yourself, and help us raise money for the homeless.

But if that isn’t your thing, there are other ways to help! You just need to be creative. For example, Jak’s Beer, Wine & Spirits in Coquitlam Central has put out a donation jar, and they commit to matching their customers’ cash donations dollar-for-dollar. That’s an awesome idea and we really appreciate your efforts!

If you or your business have an idea for helping us, please let us know! The homeless of our community need your help.

Thank you!

It’s COLD Out There!

The long range forecast for The Long, Long Night of Hope is cold! Continued cold temperatures and flurries are expected right up to our big day.

Our brothers and sisters to the East might not find this all that cold, but for the Vancouver area, it is frigid! If you are taking part in The Long, Long Night of Hope February 23, sleeping in your car, start planning your strategy on staying warm … well, warm enough. Don’t burn candles or any open flames, and don’t run your car’s engine all night – there are neighbours who could be disturbed and idling laws you could break.

Soon we will post a helpful LLNOH checklist of things participants should plan to bring along. For now, think about the people for whom we are doing this … people who sleep in their cars when it is pouring rain, when it is blistering hot, when it is a Polar Vortex. They need our help.

There is still plenty of time to join The Long, Long Night of Hope 2019. Registration is free, and fundraising is easy. Homelessness is not Hopelessness. Be the Hope. Join us.